Monday, April 19, 2010

I Know Why The Trees Were Smiling!

Remember these piney stick faces?

At the time, I wondered what had made them so happy. Well, Saturday on our walk, I think I found the answer.  As we approached the house directly across the street  from the piney stick smiles, this is what we saw.

I couldn’t tell exactly what it was at first, but the husband knew...and he started chuckling.
Give a little boy a pile of dirt, some sticks, and a little time, and you end up with this.

A piney stick stockade, complete with rifles-on-the-ready  to protect from vicious invaders.

Twenty years ago, this might not have been so noteworthy. Forty years ago, it was as common as azaleas in the southern springtime. But today, we took note. Because today we rarely see evidence of simple childish playtime, at least not around here. Too often, our neighbhorhood looks like that scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.... the one where Truly Scrumptious asks, “But where are all the children?” And the Child Catcher du jour appears to be a tripped out electronic screen.

At least that’s the view from my side of the hill.

But at this house, the little boys are often outside, playing.

Apparently, Mom and Dad got a load of dirt delivered, and they didn’t mind the sacrifice of load or lawn for a day of Let’s Pretend. The husband and I meandered on a side trip down memory lane. I wondered aloud if they were protecting their fortress from those smiling pine tree invaders. The husband corrected me. Two guns, he observed, were firmly planted toward the forest in the other direction.

Definitely, injuns.

I returned home and headed back out with the shiny red Kodak. And then, I made those little pretenders a batch of my favorite cookies.

Simple gift, day 16.
I’m pretty sure that in this instance, we were actually the receivers.


Jennie said...

This makes my heart smile. Nothing like some good old fashioned imaginary play! And what a gorgeous weekend for a walk through the neighborhood. I'm glad to see you spent it enjoying the elements! (We did too!)

Anonymous said...

Candace said....
Growing up in the era of a boomer baby, there was never a shortage of kids in the neighborhood. You only were inside if you were being punished or sick - and the whole neighborhood knew which one it was so you had the extra burden of explaining when you were released.

Not to long ago a neighbor had one of those tree faces and someone took the lips. The neighbor posted a sign on the tree that read
'please return my smile, I miss it!' The smile was returned.


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