Thursday, April 8, 2010

Walmart is reading my blog!

I can see no other explanation for it.

I’ll report; you decide.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s novel, I recently ventured back into Walmart Land for a 3 item pick up. And as I walked through the door, THIS is what caught my eye.

There, sitting discretely by the front door, was this quiet little tower of market baskets. Didn’t I just complain last week about the absence of market baskets at my local Walmart?

Why yes, I did. I wokkked about it HERE.

So I whipped out the shiny red Kodak to obtain the evidence, and as I grabbed a market basket to carry on my 3 item walkabout, I asked Mr. Greeter exactly when our Walmart had begun to offer those handy dandy little baskets.

And he said, “Last week.”

Coincidence? I think not.

I was chewing on this tidbit on the way home when I happened to catch a glimpse of a huge banner plastered across a store. It’s a relatively new store… the only local competitor to my favorite formal shop.

The one I yakkity yakked about  HERE... and HERE

And the banner said:

Now, I’m convinced.

Apparently, I have The Power.

Maybe today, I should yak about Congress…


Jennie said...

TOO funny! :) Please do yak about Congress, Mrs. Debbie...I beg of you! <3

laura :) said...

That's great! I might go to Walmart JUST to carry a basket around and prove their necessity!

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...



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